Who We Are

The Navigators have been investing in the lives of people for more than 70 years, coming alongside them one to one to study the Bible, develop a deepening prayer life, and memorize and apply Scripture. Our ultimate goal is to equip them to fulfill 2 Timothy 2:2 -- to teach what they have learned to others.

On the Millersville University campus, our mission is this: to reach, disciple, and equip students to know Christ and to make Him known. Our passions are Jesus and students, and we want to look at crowds the way Jesus did as fields ready to be harvested. On campus, we see lost students who need to find the hope that comes from a relationship with Jesus Christ. We see students who need to grow in their walks with God. And we see the incredible potential of young men and women ignited for God and the huge impact they can make on the world.

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