What Church Leaders Say...

"On a scale of one to ten, I place The Navigators as a 'ten' among para-church ministries today. In my college days, The Navigators taught me the value of a disciplined life. In our Crusades, they developed the unsurpassed follow-up methods we use today. Thank God for The Navigators."

Billy Graham

"...I'm indebted to The Navigators. They have had such a faithful ministry over the years. You always know that The Navigators do things right. You always know that their discipleship courses are biblically solid and that the people are well trained."

Chuck Colson, Founder & Chairman of Prison Fellowship

"Close enough to comfort or confront,to replace self with Christ. That's the stuff of which Navigators are made. And thats the stuff that changed my life."

Dr. Charles Swindoll

"The college years challenge men and women more than almost any period of life. The same freedom that our society celebrates as a time to "cut loose" or "live the good life" forces students daily to answer life's most important questions. Questions like, "What do I really believe-" "Where am I going in life-" "What type of men and women will be my friends-" "What is really important to me-" These questions and many more confront these young adults when they are isolated from the people and things that offer the best answers: their parents, their homes, and their churches. A number of years ago, the American Council of Life Insurance reported that college students comprise the loneliest segment of our population. In light of both the challenges and opportunities that college offers, I give thanks to God for the Navigators. You can trust that when your daughter gets involved, she will find a group of people committed to the centrality of the gospel, the sufficiency of Scripture, and the importance of the church. Your son will find his faith strengthened and he will form friendships that will shape his life for eternity. Every time I am with the Navigators, I meet students interested in growing in their relationship with Jesus Christ and encouraging others to do the same. Be sure your child knows about Navigators at Millersville University. It could change their life!"

Rev. Joel Devinney
Senior Pastor
Grace Baptist Church of Millersville

"Fly in tight formation with a faithful few," my friend suggested. He's right! One of the most important things you can do during your college years is to meaningfully connect with other followers of Christ. Navigators at MU offers this opportunity. At the weekly meetings you will find an opportunity to worship, learn and grow with other believers. This will help you keep your commitments to God during one of the most exciting and challenging times of life. I highly recommend the Navigator's ministry to you!

Rev. Steve Cornell
Senior Pastor
Millersville Bible Church

"Navigators have had a huge impact in my life; I gave my life to Christ in college and the witness of the Navigators and thier dynamic materials have provided a great foundation for my Christian life. As the founder of FOCUS, the Navigator staff has been a great resource to me and to my staff as we too seek to reach a generation of young leaders with the Gospel of Jesus Christ."

Curtis Martin
Founder & President of FOCUS
(Fellowship of Catholic University Students)